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Woman Are You Living Like the Ezer You Were Created to Be

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Genesis 2:18 “God said, it is not good for man to be alone.  I will make a help suitable to him.” (NKJV paraphrased)

I just love the creation story.  It is full of apparent tangible truths and tucked away hidden treasures.  The very essence of the creation story really demonstrates the width and depth of our God, our Creator God.  His wisdom is evident in every part and His thoughtfulness of what is truly best is warming even to the pre-believer.

Genesis 2 thought takes us on a deeper journey into the creation story than that presented in Genesis 1.  Genesis 2 reveals purpose, plan, understanding, and pattern both of humanity and God.  It is not surprising that God inspired words like “God said, it is not good for man to be alone…” God wanted us to know and understand intimately that He always has our best interest in mind.  He is always thoughtfully preparing us for the environments He has sat us in.  We know this because it was not until God set the man in the garden that His prompting to not leave him alone in it was manifested.  Whatever environment God has placed you in He has the right and best for you in that environment. 

In man’s case it was in the Garden of Eden that God said, “It is not good…let me make a help that is comparable to him.”  Not only did know it was not good for man to be in a prepared environment without all he needs He also knew exactly what He needed.  God knew man needed “help”.  We know that the help man needed was woman.  But to understand woman we must understand help. The word “help” in this scripture is “EZER” a Hebrew word meaning “help”.  It is a word used 21 times collectively in scripture.  Twice to describe woman and 16 times to describe God. 

God actually calls woman “EZER”  “a HELP” the very same word that has been used to describe Himself.   God intentionally answers the isolation of like kind with an answer of help.  The “EZER” of God was more than just help as we may see it in our culture.  It was not just “help me bring in the groceries” or help me “solve this problem” it was a word that carries much greater depth than that.

Ezer is used in Psalms 121:1 when David said, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills from which my EZER comes from.” David is describing what the “help of God” does for him.  It is the Ezer of God that brings empowerment in the times of weariness.

Then we see in Hosea 13: 9 Hosea the prophet say that though the people of Israel had destroyed their possibilities God would be their “Ezer” and we see that God’s Ezer is more than just getting people out of binds but rather being the very ability to change the atmosphere of despair into an atmosphere of hope over a people’s lives. WOW!

Ezer describes the strength of God in the midst of conflict, the one who empowers in weariness, the uncommon ability to bring peace in conflict, and the ability bring righteousness in chaos.  This “EZER” is not an ordinary word- it is a powerful word.  It is a word that carries Godlike quality and possibility.  It is this word that God chooses to use when He says, “I will make a help that is comparable to him.”  He makes an “EZER”.  He makes woman an Ezer.

Women this means that we are to be like God as EZERS in the Kingdom.  We are to be a powerful force of help towards others.  We were created to carry the ability to strengthen, build up, undergird, bring peace to chaos, and help others walk in assurance of hope in desperate situations.  We were created like God!  We are not after thoughts or strivers…we were created with purpose and strategy in mind!  We are God’s strategic beings.  God knew we were needed to walk alongside of man so that together we can subdue the earth. 

Here is the takeaway for you today.  You must see yourself as the woman God created you as. You must embrace His Ezer by drawing close to Him.  As you pursue His Ezer you will discover the Ezer He has created you to be.  God is our example of what it looks like to help others.  To come alongside and refresh, inspire, bless, and nurture.  God is all of these qualities to us and demonstrates Himself all throughout scripture as our Ezer.  Now is the time to dig deep, widen our view and embrace the secret place in Him.  It will be only in this place that the Ezer of God will be manifested. 

God has called us forth to be like Him.  He has joined us to others to be help!  So listen up ladies our assignment is to “EZER” in every arena that has been given to us according to our grace and His placement.  We cultivate this assignment by spending time in the presence of God to catch His heart and the fullness of His Ezer until it becomes our Ezer.  Why do this?  Because we are God’s weapons of “help” in the earth and He is ready to use those who are willing!  So ARISE, EZER, ARISE as the Mighty Warrior of Help you have been created to be.