Speaking Request

Thanks for checking out my schedule!  I am a bit of a unique breed and you will find a few different types of ministry options. I am not just a church or conference speaker nor just a leadership coach but somewhat of a hybrid.  My assignment in the Kingdom is to be a builder and a voice that enlarges others. God has blessed this, and I am honored to carry the Word of God and the methods of Christ into many different arenas through many different opportunities.

I am a gutsy preacher and sometimes a very practical teacher.  I love to tackle subjects that push on us as believers, cause us to grow in wisdom and revelation, and keep us engaging the upward call.  This is my primary assignment and I just love it! 

As a leadership coach and strategist, I specialize in leadership, management, teams, communication and relationships. I love to spend development days with teams and staffs inspiring them with actionable takeaways through spiritual insights.  I am always growing this part of my assignment and have found real joy in helping front line leaders in strategic ways.

If you are looking to have me come and speak to your organization, at your church, with your leaders, or at a conference you are hosting I am truly honored.  The best next step is to fill this form out and let us know what you are looking for.  If you are looking for a couple of different areas, then we can help you navigate that.  Just let us know.  Our team looks forward to working with you soon.  

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