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Some Thoughts on Female Leadership

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I get asked all the time about leading as a female. I usually qualify the conversation by first pointing out that many and most leadership principles in and of themselves have no gender specifics.  A leader is a leader, whether female or male.  Yet there are some things that can still be said of what female leaders should be watching out for and looking at in general. 

Here are three things I think every female leader should know:

1. You are not a man and don’t have to be! You are effective just as God made you. Don’t compete. You have a seat at the table-take it. Be you- inspire, correct, challenge, and enlarge everything you touch.  When I first started in ministry, I felt that I had to carry myself in many scenarios as a man would.  When I would get to business meetings all the “fellas” would be discussing the big game and many times if it was not something I followed, I felt very uncomfortable.  After a while, I realized I did not have to like what they liked and some of the men in the room did not follow it either.  You do not have to dress like a man, talk about the things men like, or answer like a man to influence men.  You have to speak the language of a leader!  When the meeting starts, all bets are off!  I am in leader mode.  Do not get hung up in the little nuances- just enjoy the journey.  I would have been just as uncomfortable in a group of females talking about playgroups…so move on and be you.

2. Your story may connect people to your voice but it can’t steward transformation. One of the pivotal mistakes I feel leading ladies make is they only ever speak about their life stories.  It is normally geared toward women and from a female perspective.  Though this is impactful, it is so limiting. Learn to glean truth from the Word, seek revelation, and devour engaging resources. You are a better communicator when it moves from a personal story to impactful truth of God’s story. 

3. Use wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing. You will enter rooms where people will size you up, decide your input, or even make unprofessional comments. Be wise as a serpent yet harmless as a dove. You disarm people when their opinion is no longer a threat. Stand boldly on the knowledge of God’s opinion of you. Wisdom will put a guard over your tongue when you want to defend yourself and a shield over your heart when attacks come. Don’t ever enter a room with your gloves on. You don’t need them when you are operating in wisdom.