Forging Ahead

Early in my life I discovered the power of being a life long learner.  I also discovered that to be one, is an ongoing choice.  With this in mind, I have spent time with a team of extremely talented people working to create a space and resources where people who, like me, are eager to learn can grow and forge ahead in their purpose.

I believe every person has the capacity to be greater than they are today and to make a difference!  I hope that as you check out these resources and ways to connect that you will find that this space is one that helps you do just that.  As a Christian, a leader, a parent, a spouse, a boss, I am overly aware of what time means and how we spend it matters.  So, I hope you jump in to this growing community of like-minded people who are forging ahead right along with you.  Now let’s do this!  

E-Courses and Curriculum

In Hebrew the word to describe woman is Ezer. Ezer is also used to describe the very attributes of God. Wow! Not only are we called specifically, as women, but we are called out of a word that describes God Himself.  In this course you will explore what it means to be an active, leading Ezer in your arena of influence. You'll learn key take aways on how to live that out each and every day regardless of your assignment or situation. You are unique. Designed with purpose from the beginning so Arise Ezer, Arise! It’s time to step up your game! Available formats: Individual Study, Small Group Leader Curriculum, Live Hosted Online Group Study
Being a Christ centered leader is no ordinary feat. It is an extraordinary responsibility that is riddled with fierce opposition and hard  life lessons. In this course we look deeper into the areas of our leadership that need fresh perspective and grapple with what it means to be truly transformational. We explore Scripture and characters in it to help us better understand our roles and our mandates as Christian leaders.  Whether in our decision making, onboarding, or developing of others, God has hidden lessons and even some obvious ones for us to glean and grow from. If you are an emerging or seasoned leader in business or ministry you will find strategies that help you enlarge and grow through this course. 
Have you ever had an idea and wondered where it came from? If you were capable of doing it? If it was just too crazy to tell someone else about? Well, if so, then this is the course for you. In this three session course you will better understand what a God-idea looks like, how to develop it, and what obstacles may be standing in front of it. Dreams are realized by people who have the courage to step out of the boat and address new ideas with the right questions.  So, get your waders on-we are about to wade into uncharted territory together! Dreamers unite!