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Astronomy of the Heart

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Our natural vision is limited until we accentuate it with some apparatus that gives us the privilege to see further.  Edwin Hubble is a great example of what it means to see further.  Up until his discovery of multiple complex galaxies, we lived believing the Milky Way was the only galaxy to explore.  Astronomers believed what they saw in the vast depths of the sky were nothing more than gas, when in fact; they were looking at entire galaxies yet to be explored. Hubble’s discoveries teach us that we can live with an understanding of a fact because it is all we have known to that point.  Until we are shown something more, until we see further, we are limited in our experience and knowledge. The galaxies were always there-just undiscovered and unseen until his discovery.   

This is such a great insight into our lives as Christians.  So many times, we see only what we see because we do not have the instruments yet to see anything further.  As a result, we accept the facts that we are presented with as the end of the story and assume that there is nothing more to see.   Did you know when you became a Christian your potential changed?  Your view of what could be shifted?  And like Edwin Hubble’s amazing discovery, the Holy Spirit comes to give you new facts about your life.  Before salvation, we have a skewed view of our lives and often see our own potential through a narrow lens, but when God gets involved with our life, everything that was a previous fact has the potential to change!

In my own life, it was a fact that I got pregnant before marriage.  But the result was not an unwanted pregnancy with dashed hopes and dreams.  Why? I decided not to lean into my facts, but God’s facts about me. Through the lens of the Holy Spirit, I was able to see farther than my current galaxy could take me.

When I first started preaching internationally, every opportunity felt like a step up to my dream life!  At first, I thought if I could just preach in ten countries, then fifteen, and then twenty countries, wow-I would be achieving my dreams! I happily came to find that God was interested in advancing my life far beyond my “wildest dreams” into HIS realm of dreaming.

God is a tremendous asset for fact-checking our potential.  He is reliable and trustworthy.  Paul even calls the Holy Spirit “our guarantee of an inheritance”.  The Holy Spirit is our earnest money of God’s commitment to bring our potential forward.  So why do so many Christians not reach their full potential?  Why do they struggle to see farther?  Here are a few reasons:

  1. People do not reach their full potential because they put God in a box of their own designed expectations. Luke 19 tells of Jesus coming into Jerusalem and weeping over the city because they missed their visitation from the One who could do more for them than they could ever imagine.  They missed it because they decided how they were going to see God and kept their vision in that box!
  2. People do not reach their full potential because they cannot move beyond past hurts and rejections.  If not submitted to the Cross, past disappointments will keep you bound to low expectations.  Your expectations change when you learn that the Cross is the place for both the oppressed and the oppressors.  Both need Jesus!
  3. People do not reach their full potential because they live in dream state and never take action!  Dreams are always perfected because they have not been tested.  Only tested dreams can truly alter realities.  Some folks would rather keep dreaming about a better day, more money, better outcomes, and businesses to start than actually get in the dirt and take the risk doing it!  God is not as committed to the dream as He is committed to using those dreams as motivation to get us into action.

Allow God to expand your vision and maximize your full potential in Him!