About Amanda B. Conner

I was raised in a Pastor’s home. I am the oldest of three girls and acquired the gift of leadership early on.  I met my husband in the open-air halls of our high school and we have been meeting up ever since.  We have three amazing children- Brookleyn, Caden, and Talia. We spend our free time traveling, exploring new areas, and eating great food!  Though we started our ministry journey on the East Coast, we moved to the plains of Oklahoma City in 2006 to walk alongside my parents as pastors.

As a third generation pastor and leader, I come from a long line of faith-filled Christ followers.  My parents and grandparents paved the way and have made this journey so much richer than I could ever imagine.  So it is not hard to believe I too am a leader to leaders, an encourager to the underdog, a coach to the growing, and a developer of the future. I am privileged to have many doors open to me in many areas of influence.  From international travel, local church development, speaking at conferences, coaching and mentoring leaders, empowering men and women, helping establish Kingdom businesses, or strategizing with local churches, God continues to use me in unique and pivotal ways. 

I have served in just about every role a church leadership team may offer and have been the Executive Pastor at The Gate Church for over a decade. It has been the best learning experience of my life and through this assignment, I have gained such wisdom on subjects such as church growth, church management, strategic planning, and business operations. I am a builder by nature, prophetically insightful, and undeniably Spirit-led. I believe for the impossible and desire to usher in the supernatural and it is through this governmental authority in the Kingdom I believe I have been assigned.  I rarely take ‘no’ as my final answer and have learned how to war for my generation. I am committed to championing others through as many avenues as possible. I am passionately in love with Jesus, His message, His people, and His mission.


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